Dr. Patti Taylor’s

“Seduce Her Tonight”

Discover This Pleasurable Solution That Gives Her The Romance She Hungers For and You the Passion You Crave

      Want Way More Passion Yet Feel Like A Helpless Failure In The Most Important Part Of Your Life And Begging Makes The Rejection Unbearable?

Be the Man she craves, admires and desires.

What does she really want from you?

How can you effortlessly seduce her without tricks or gimmicks?

How can you create an “always-present” state of sexiness between the two of you that’s simmering under the surface, your relationship heat ready and waiting to be turned up to hot, hot, hot?

She wants to crave you.

Your woman is hoping and praying that know how to to move her from her daily doings to a place of desire, passion and abandon.

She needs you to take her there, because her upbringing and biological set point is typically neutral, or even turned off.

She craves “feeling met”—that experience where you don’t have to guess what she wants, you just know what feeds her fire from moment to moment.

She wants to admire you.

When she directly experiences your ability to “know” her—to “get” her—she’s filled to overflowing with feelings of respect and admiration which crack open her interest in getting sexy with you.

She wants to desire and be desired.

She finds you – as a man who “gets her” – irresistible. She loves being wanted by you, the man who is relentless about giving her exquisite pleasure.

And why Tonight?

Because a man who knows these secrets seizes the moment.

Tonight is the perfect time to start having hot, juicy turn-on and fabulous intimacy.

Why wait? You want it, and I promise, she wants it to.

But YOU have to bring it on, as the man, the leader, the soon-to-be master seducer.

That’s your job – bringing the sexy back or into your relating.

However proficient or insecure you might be about the art of erotic gratification, I will show you how to go to genius, starting from right here.

In this step-by-step program you’ll discover that you know more than you may think and we’ll build on that.

Whatever your current situation, you have seductive genius inside. Dr. Patti has helped seductive genius come alive hundreds of times in clients and workshop participants. Prepare to unleash your Seductive Genius!

Key #1: String of Yeses—Make offers you sense she’ll want to say yes to
Discover how starting with small offers that will be fun for her to say yes to along the way will move her energy forward from general to erotic turn-on. Then, running menus that give her lots of ways to choose sensual pleasure will accelerate her arousal.
“When my partner figured out how to make me a string of small offers, my gratitude was unbounded. We developed the ability to move the action forward, no matter where we were starting from, energetically. We were stunned to discover that generating turn-on is something that you could do deliberately. What a relief! We didn’t have to simply wait for it to show up spontaneously!”

The art of making winning sexual requests and offers extensively in the companion volume, Seduction Accelerator. So once you’ve turned her on, you might want to master way more about this endeavor!

Key #2: Erotic Vigilance: Awareness, noticing and acknowledgment
Become erotically aware with the art of noticing. Want to be one of those sexy guys who are always giving out vibes and noticing subtleties about their women? Get the power by using brain entrainment, to take a woman who’s feeling like a victim, and convert her into a lady who’s feeling good about herself. That is a major turn-on for her, guys.
Good noticing is a turn-on. You are giving a woman the gift of attention… and the message that you find her important, fascinating, intriguing, and worth getting to know better!
Acknowledgments are a powerful way to connect with your partner to turn her on. This system makes it easy to find things to notice and acknowledge. You will be floored at how powerful this technique is for getting her aroused.

Benefit #1: I will teach you what to say and how to make the “right offers” that lead her naturally into fun, sensuality, and more pleasure. With ongoing use of these methods, her turn-on will flourish. Imagine your partner becoming increasingly turned-on each time you follow my system.

Benefit #2: You will streamline your efforts to turn her on. No more feeling like you’re trying to sell ice to Eskimos. Both you and she will appreciate it when you identify – and follow – the fastest path to mutually pleasurable activities.

Benefit #3: You will gain mastery – and control – of exactly how the turn-on process works. I’ll show you how to recognize when a woman’s turn-on is “disguised” as other emotions (such as anger, lack of interest, or even numbness). She may be extremely turned on beneath the surface – and interested in being intimate – but even she doesn’t know it. I will show you how to unleash the true turn-on simmering beneath these external behaviors.
Master these paint-by-number skills and exercises:
Discover the art of getting her to say “yes” to a string of your well-crafted offers.
Learn to fine-tune your offers, so they get ever more sensual. Once your turned-on woman is saying YES to one request after another, it will lead to ever more memorable erotic encounters.
Leverage the Two Keys— the String of Yeses and Erotic Vigilance —that will unlock her mysteries, and help you fine-tune your string of pleasurable offers… and help generate her “String of Yeses”.
Note: There are two other Keys you can learn as you get more advanced. They are Vulnerability and Vision. I give you these Keys in my Seduction Accelerator. What I give you here is a great place to get started! They are the solid foundation for all your turn-on endeavors.


Secret 1: The answer to: Do woman prefer bad boys or nice guys?
Men are constantly wondering, “what kind of guy turns her on most?” How can you become her perfect guy, a “Mr. Right” who is a leader, strong, and confident in his pursuit of her, and yet, he is also clever, thoughtful, attentive, witty and caring.
Develop the ability to get a woman turned on, keep her turned on, and hold her interest—even when other competitive men come along, trying to stake a claim.

Secret 2: What women really want
Answer (speaking for all women): a hot, sexy, sensitive, strong… amazing… guy.

Women want it all. Sexy guys know how to make fun, exquisite, madcap, playful and tender offers to a woman. Your woman will know that the world is her oyster and that you will show it to her.

Secret 3: It’s a lot easier to turn on a turned-on woman!
Men, it’s true. You can turn a woman on with your sexy body, super humor, sharp wit, and loving energy. However, a woman can turn herself on, too. Much of what 
Seduce Her Tonight covers is how to get a woman to turn herself on, with your help.
With a command of the principles of “arousal” and turn-on, you can easily inspire her to be a sexier and “juicier” lady.

Secret 4: Redirect your lady’s turn-on from “general” to “hot and ready”
The seduction strategist knows how to take a lady just as he finds her, take her arousal down to neutral when it is not positively-oriented, and redirect her arousal into turn-on that drives consumption of pleasurable experiences.
Seduce Her Tonight shows you just how to do this. The knowledge part includes very useful science about what turn-on is, and how to direct its nuances. The practical part (what you do) centers around a series of “exercises” (planned experiences in which you practice skills or techniques).

Secret 5: Process wins out over pickup lines
It’s a big turn-on to a woman when a man is genuine—and creative. When you use a system that generates turn on in women, you will have women like happy putty in your hands forever more!
You will master a process using the Keys of making small offers and being erotically aware or vigilant. When you mix up the skills in this eBook, you will always come off as fresh, intriguing, and… compelling!
And is this not the true win-win for both men and women? The man is being genuine, creative, and claiming his power. Women go crazy for this kind of guy!